Makeup Artist Business Accelerator Program


Makeup Artist Business Accelerator Program


The Makeup Artist Business Accelerator program is designed to jump start your career in the Beauty Industry. Using my proven method based on my own experience of success, I will guide you through proven steps to get your beauty career started or in some cases, a reboot - to begin to make money and succeed. I am sharing with you exactly what I did to go from $85 to $250 to $500 per face in less than a year! In addition, I share how I have attracted brand partnerships and media exposure, all without a publicist. I’ll also share tips on making extra income when “Glam” is slow. I’m here for you, so let’s get started!

You will receive:

- A complimentary copy of my e-book “Beauty Pro Business Plan

- Comprehensive assessment of your current Marketing and Branding

- 2 months of Marketing and Branding consultation

- Guidance on photo shoot with photography and studio for your Portfolio 

- Guidance on your own professional headshot and image

- Website set-up consulting

- New Bio for website

- Business and comp card design recommendations

- Instagram coaching and consulting

- Opportunity to assist Melissa on an upcoming high profile job or contribute to a media, publicity or editorial work with Melissa

- 2 hour of Makeup coaching from Melissa for skills development

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