One-on-One Coaching: How to Attract Higher Paying Makeup Clients

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One-on-One Coaching: How to Attract Higher Paying Makeup Clients

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Welcome! We are happy you are taking the step forward to increase your brand and business. I applaud you!

To attract higher paying clients, you need to incorporate unique experiences and high-end services. Tired of charging the same rates and getting no where? Well it’s time to aim higher! Clients who pay you more, expect more. I am going to teach you some simply strategies that will allow you to confidently increase your rates, add value and make a living doing what you love.

When you charge more, you’ll feel that you are being valued for what you’re worth. You will give better service and make a bigger impact with your clients and in the industry.

We offer various sessions to suit your needs:

Intro to Beauty Biz (30 minutes): This session is for someone who is just beginning in the industry, whether finishing makeup or beauty school or looking to transition into beauty as a professional. I will work with you to get the basic understand and help you get started.

Get Busy in Beauty (45 minutes): This session is for the person who feels “stuck” where they are - you once were busy or dreamed of being busy but it’s not currently happening. You are having a hard time figuring out what to do next, you’ve been in a place where things are not moving, your client base is not increasing and you need some information, motivation and inspiration.

Master Your Beauty Biz (120 minutes): This session is for the person who feels like they have a good grasp on their overall beauty business, but are looking for new ways to stay competitive, increase rates, clientele and also need some strategic marketing and branding plans.

Transform Your Beauty Biz (2 hours plus 4 weekly coaching calls): This session the person who is ready to re-brand and transform their business and brand. You will received a complimentary copy of my Beauty Pro Business Plan.

What you will learn:

  • Rates, contracts, booking & policies

  • How to create an experience before, during and after your service

  • How to get publicity and get work featured

  • Secrets of the pro’s, the “extra’s” you should have in your Makeup kit

  • Create, utilize and promote your personal brand

  • Top 5 apps to automate your business on-the-go

  • Use social media: I’ll provide a 31 day plan to increase your followers

  • Effective ways to display your expertise

  • How to present yourself professionally, in-person and online

  • How to get re-booked and maintain client base

Coaching Session:
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